I have co-designed and taught the “Planetary health answering the challenges of the Anthropocene” course and the “Interdisciplinary approaches to Planetary health” of the UOC master Planetary health (2021, 2022), the course “Environmental justice: gentrification and health in global cities, health effects in gentrified neighborhoods” for the master “Design for Healthy cities” (UIC, 2022) and the course “Post-covid public space transformations” for the master “International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture” (UIC, 2020). I have also lectured for other postgraduate and master level courses (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, University of Michigan, Universitat Illes Balears, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Rice University, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

With >200h of teaching, students value my teaching with 4.50 stars over 5.


I have supervised 9 master theses (2 that have resulted in scientific articles already published), 3 final degree projects and 13 internships. Currently co-supervising 1 PhD student (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and being a committee member of another (University of British Columbia).

My values when supervising a student:

  • To tailor the supervision to the student's style

  • To supervise in an inspirational and motivational way

  • To help students acquire the knowledge they need later in their career

  • To support students to ensure their learning progress

  • To provide emotional support

  • To make students feel valid and valuable

  • To remain empathetic and sensitive to the students' needs

  • To give helpful feedback

I am strongly committed to mentoring female and 1st generation students and researchers. I work tirelessly to push young researchers academic and intellectual trajectory forward while ensuring that candidates receive strong supervision, career, and emotional support throughout, thus promoting an academia of both excellence and care.

Students value my supervision with 4.65 stars over 5. More specifically:

  • 82.6% of the supervised students report that my supervision style is tailored to the student's working style and methodology

  • 87% of the students stated that my supervision was inspirational and motivational for their work and later career

  • 100% of them declared that I gave them helpful feedback, advice, edits and guidance. The same percentage also stated that they acquired the methodological and general knowledge they needed for their future professional career

  • 91.3% of the supervised students stated that I supported them to ensure their learning progress, their projects and that they would accomplish their deadlines

  • 91.3% of the students explained that I provided them with emotional support and made them feel that their work was valid and valuable.

  • 95.4% of them explained that I remained empathetic, flexible and sensitive to their needs

What do the students say?