Social Impact

I have written technical documents for local and regional administrations such as a general summary book chapter in La renaturalització de la ciutat. Ed. Diputació de Barcelona. Barcelona: 2019 and I have also recurrently been an instructor in technical courses such as the course on “Urban biodiversity. Promotion and preservation” (Diputació de Barcelona, 2020) and “Climatic emergency: challenges and opportunities for cities” (CUIMPB, 2022) for over 60 technicians from the administration.

I am also a member of the core group of the “Taula Salut i Natura de Catalunya” [Forum on health and nature in Catalonia] a transdisciplinary working group that aims to define a communal strategy to work towards human health and nature in Catalonia. The group includes members from public administration (e.g. Catalan Autonomous Government), research centres, private and public companies. Moreover, I am part of the Women in Global Health-Spain network. This network includes researchers, activists, NGO members, etc. and aim to overcome the existing power dynamics and privileges to reach gender health equity.

Moreover, my work has informed international reports for environmental agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency from Ireland report “Eco-Health: Ecosystem Benefits of Greenspace for Health” (2020) and the European Environmental Agency report “Healthy environment, healthy lives: how the environment influences health and wellbeing in Europe” (2019).

I am an author of newspaper articles such as: “Construir la resiliencia social y ambiental de Barcelona en tiempos post-Covid-19” (El Periódico, 2020) and “El enemigo no es la Bicicleta” (El Periódico, 2018). I have been interviewed by - among others- the fourth most read newspaper in Spain (La Vanguardia, 399 000 daily readers; 2016, story “La comunidad científica pide más zonas verdes en Barcelona”). Moreover, my work has been featured in a diversity of national newspapers and regional and national TVs including the second most read newspaper (El País, 751 000 daily readers) with articles such as “Las nuevas zonas verdes de nuestras ciudades acaban beneficiando solo a los más ricos". I have also been interviewed in radio and TV including in the second most listened radio station in Spain (La Cope, 3 145 000 listeners daily; 2020, story “Vivir rodeados de espacios verdes es beneficioso para la salud”) or in the TV2 show “El escarabajo verde”, the most important TV program of environmental education at national scale (2018, story “Sedientos de verde”).

I am also an author of blog posts and I have participated in other online dissemination material such as in the webdocumentary: “The green divide” directed by Alberto Bougleux (2021) or the widely used online kit "5 keys to healthier cities" (2018). I am frequently an speaker in local, regional and international events where I am highly valued as didactic and scientifically rigorous. For example, I participated in the seminar "Quien quiere volver a una ciudad contaminada? Las ciudades en un escenario post-COVID" (Greenpeace, 2020).