Research projects

I have raised €6 553 383.43 through proposals to competitive research and innovation funding calls that I have either led or contributed to as well as through contracts for commissioned work.

  • GreenME (Role: Co-coordinator). [Upcoming]

  • HEALTHY NEIGHBORHOODS STUDY (Role: Research scientist). Read more here:

  • FEMPUBLICBCN (Role: PI) Read more here:

  • DONESJARDINS (Role: PI) Read more here:

  • GREENLULUS (Role: Scientific co-coordinator of the quantitative analyses) Read more here:

  • Juan de la Cierva-Formación (Role: Awardee)

  • ROOFTOPGARDENS (Role: PI) Read more here:

  • HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTS (Role: postdoctoral collaborator as a team member)

  • ATENC!Ó [Citizens’ science to analyse the effect of pollution on the cognitive function of adolescents] (Role: postdoctoral collaborator as a team member) Read more here:

  • DECHM [Direct effects of climate on health in Mozambique] (Role: postdoctoral researcher)

  • PHENOTYPE [Positive Healthy Effects of the Natural Outdoor environaments in Typical Populations of diferent regions in Europe] (Role: International and national fieldwork coordinator of different work packages) Read more here:

  • ICEPURE [The Impact of Climatic and Environmental factors on Personal Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure]. Role: National fieldwork coordinator Read more here:

  • ARIBA [Air pollution and Reproduction In BArcelona] Role: Local fieldwork coordinator

Research collaborations

I have collaborations with researchers from universities around the world. I have co-authored manuscripts and books with >150 scientists from >80 different institutions in >20 different countries and 4 different continents. From these, the most proliferous are my collaborations with world-renowned environmental exposure assessment expert Prof. Mark Nieuwenhuijsen (ISGlobal) and with world-recognized expert on environmental justice Prof. Isabelle Anguelovski (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

I also collaborate with the group of world experts on nature and health, such as Prof.Terry Hartig (Uppsala University) and Dr. Sjerp de Vries (Wageningen University). Recently we have collaborated in the upcoming “Global Forest Experts Panel assessment on forests and human health” that will inform - between others- the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2023. Previously we worked together on a manuscript (Markevych et al, 2017) that has become one of the most recognized sources of information about pathways linking nature and health (WoS citations: 565). I have also co-authored published and upcoming manuscripts with biodiversity expert Prof.Aletta Bonn (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research).

I am currently involved in the Healthy Neighborhoods Study (PI: Dr. Mariana Arcaya, MIT) at the same time than I have several collaborative studies with Dr.Francesc Baró (Vrije Universiteit Brussels) and Dr.James Connolly (University of British Columbia).